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Matt Harris
Matt Harris

Matt Harris has managed and coordinated an impressive list of event’s, concert’s, festivals and major events on behalf of promoters
and corporate companies. Matt is recognised as one of Australia’s most respected Event Managers.

Matt’s career began in 2000 as an audio engineer. Matt moved on from the technical operating to event management where his career flourished. In 2001 to date, Matt began event managing some of the largest names in entertainment world such as Robbie Williams, ACDC, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, The Police, Eminem, Neil Diamond, George Michael, Elton John, Tomorrow Land Festival, Mysterland Festival
and Duran Duran just to name a few!

Global Event Management manages a large portfolio of special events for many clients; Dainty Group, Chugg Entertainment,Q-Dance, Zaccaria Group, ID-T and EPS Australia, SFX Global, Live Nation and many others.

Being the owner and managing director Matt provides Global Event Management’s clients with an abundance of experience gained managing and producing major concerts and festival events in Australia and Europe.


  • Advanced Diploma in Event Management
  • Forklift License
  • Drivers License
  • Blue Card – Traffic Control
  • White Card – General Safety Induction
  • First Aid


  • 18 years event management experience
  • Event Planning and Feasibility Planning
  • Event Design
  • Event Marketing and Sale Strategies
  • Overseeing all event/site management [Australia, Europe & Asia]
  • Coordinate/Manage installation of temporary structures and events
  • Site layout & design for outdoor events
  • CAD drafting for events
  • Coordinate/manage all backstage facilities for events
  • Venue Planning
  • Drafting Emergency Procedures
  • Manual Handling
  • Drafting Event Ticketing Design & Methodology
  • Staffing & Recruitment for events
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Budgets
  • Logistics & Resource Management

Ciska van Duuren
Ciska van Duuren
Event Manager and HR Consultant

Ciska van Duuren grew up in the entertainment industry alongside her father and from very early years excelled with true passion and drive. From 2007 Ciska kicked off her career with Live Earth Global and continued accepting roles part time in the industry approaching each show with renowned focus and natural competency. At the same time utilising her studies, advancing her Human Resources and Events Careers in the corporate industry. A full time HR and Corporate Events professional and part time concert and festival management professional.

Ciska’s many transferable skills gained with her plethora of experience and proven understanding of the end to end processes of the events industry makes her an invaluable asset to the Global Event Management Team.

In the last four years alone Ciska has played an integral role in some of the largest shows both nationally and internationally including but not limited to; ACDC, One Direction, Sensation (Tokyo), Electric Zoo Japan, Keith Urban, Bon Jovi, Eminem, Carols in the Domain and CMC.

Born in Australia and Raised in Holland (Home to the largest festivals in the world), Ciska van Duuren is an accomplished Event Manager who has built a name for herself both within Australia and Internationally.  

Starting from a very young age in the entertainment industry alongside her father allowed her to be exposed to many large scale events molding her into a well renowned event manager today.

From 2007 Ciska kicked off her paid career with Live Earth and Soundwave 2007, managing artists and assisting the operations team. With over 8 years experience, Ciska has worked in all aspects of the industry including being recognized by national and international promoters to deliver large scale events on all levels. After finishing her studies she then moved into the Corporate world then radio, Human Resources and then finding her way back to large scale events. 

Often accused of being a perfectionist Ciska directs her passion for perfection into everything she does.  Ciska’s Passion for events, people and education led her to become a highly skilled event manager for scale events including SENSATION, Bon Jovi and ACDC to mention a few. Ciska’s gifts of organization, attention to detail, creative imagination, operational planning and contagious enthusiasm have earned her a reputation for unparalleled excellence as an event manager. With her talent and positive energy giving her the ability to consistently deliver and allows her to relate to clients with a greater understanding of their visions, goals and objectives. 

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